Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pteranodon ready

The Pteranodon papercraft is ready. 

I have decided to give away my models for free
However I need your help for it... 

To get your free copy all you have to do is visit this page. I will be making parts available for free by week.

Every week I will make a part of the model available for download... I will leave a link for you to get the parts and if possible I will try to do video instructions. If you come and the parts are no longer available don't worry.. they will be in rotation so you will get them eventually...

Now I know there are some people who do not like to wait... so you have to option of getting the model right now without waiting by helping me on Patreon  with your help I will be able to create some amazing models for you.

Get part 1 HERE
Get part 2 HERE
Get Part 3 HERE
Get Part 4 HERE

To open the model.....
you will need this password: am-papercrafts

 I hope you enjoy it.
 Paint the inside of the mouth black so that the white paper doesn't show. Thick card recommended.

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