Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lamborghini Reventon WIP

Here are some WIP captures of another model in the line.
The model will be 1/10 in scale.
Every panel on the car was carefully designed to be a single piece of paper so as not to have any visible join lines. All join lines correspond to a real line on the car.
I hope you like them.


  1. Oh my word! please be free and in PDF! Looks amazing already I love Lamborghini and Dinosaurs and Dragons! You know how you did the t rex one? Is the full version free because I would love to build the full model. Pwease give me the full T rex model. I don't have money so please! I would be eternally grateful! My email is so please email me the awesome dinosaur.
    The good t rex models are always PDO and I am so tired of it!

  2. Do you have the file available. Or a release date. Thanks for your awesome work