Saturday, September 6, 2014

Maleficent Papercraft Bust Ready...

I am releasing the maleficent bust for FREE FOR ALL  the people that have either bought the T-rex model or have donated 1 usd or more. I really appreciate your contributions. Also if you have any of my models just send me a picture of your finished build so I can share it here and also get the password.


If you have not purchased the T - Rex model you can get it here
or you can donate here

The model comes with lines and no lines this realese has no intruccions so I am including the pdo file as a guide. you will need pepakura viewer to open it. Also the parts have no tabs as I make them manually  for a smother joint.

Hope you enjoy the model. Get the model file HERE 

The king of monsters Godzilla is coming....... Please come back soon.

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