Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pteranodon Papercraft WIP

This is the next model that will be available. The model has a meter long wingspan. I am pretty pleased with the finished model will look great hanging from my ceiling.

This model was done over the weekend is not that difficult to build. The biggest concern was the wing "bones" being able to hold the weight of the wings. I decided to reinforce every joint with super glue which gave it enough strength to hold the wings easily for  extra support I also filled the inside of the bones with white glue and then blowing on one side of the "tube" and let the excess glue come out the other side this coated the inside of the bones with glue which I let dry overnight and make them strong enough to support the weight of the whole model.

 I will post the finished model pictures soon. The model will be available next week. After that I will publish the next part for the Godzilla model. I will also be sending out the passwords for the people who have donated. Thank you very much for your support.

Hope you like it.....



  1. Is it going to be free? I hope so because I didn't have enough money for the T rex one.